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Engine Diagnostics Entire

When the check engine light of your vehicle is on, this is a certain sign that something is not right with one or more of your vehicle's systems. These systems are key components of your vehicle, so in order for it to run properly, they have to be in top condition. If your car is with us and the check engine light is on, we’ll begin the diagnostic by connecting a scan tool to the onboard computer system of your vehicle. This very same onboard computer system will communicate the issue to the tool. This will help our technician in tracking down the problem. Our auto repair shop has the necessary experience and computer diagnostic tools to diagnose and


Collision Repair

Auto collisions can be stressful, frightening events that put your health at risk and make your life far more complicated. If you get into a car accident, we are your #1 destination to get your vehicle back to working condition. We’re the collision experts and will get your car back on the road as quickly and painlessly as we can. Along with body work, we make any repairs necessary to get your vehicle back into prime condition. If you’ve been involved in an unfortunate auto collision, get in touch with us and we’ll take care of the rest.


Auto Body Work

At Auto Engineering Body Works, we take pride in our customer relationships and the finished product they drive off in. So we provide nothing but the best experience, work, and prices possible. We’re equipped with high quality top-tier repair technology. You can rest easy bringing your vehicle to us, knowing that we can repair any make/model and will go the extra mile to ensure that all repairs are made to our exceptional standards. Our team has the knowledge, experience and resources to get the job done.


Paint Restoration

We use our own high-heat paint baking process which ensures the fastest and most durable results possible! Color matching is also key to making sure that the work performed looks seamless and professional so your vehicle’s colors will be indistinguishable from parts with original paint! Our team has experience working with all different makes and models, so we’ll make sure that every step is taken with your car’s welfare in mind. With our Glasurit brand paint booth, your car will be getting a professional grade paint job that will last. Get in touch with us and you’ll be driving away

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